What NOT to do to a blind person

I like to see the humourous side of my disability which is visual impairment; I like to call it a print disability. This way I can really create awareness over a laugh without sounding too damn seriously about it yet leaving an impression on the person I am interacting with verbally; yes, you guessed right; blind people can talk and FYI we can also hear you!

Here is a list of things you shouldn’t do OR say to or around a blind person; it really gets us upset and there is nothing funny about a blind person being upset:

  1. Guess who? You might get a kick in the nuts if the blind person is already upset about not seeing the sun this morning.
  2. Talk to the hand/ friend/ escort etc. when you are actually trying to get some information from the blind person. Like for the ignorant; by which I don’t mean you, a good example is: Good, so what would your blind friend like to have tea OR coffee? Blind person does not answer because it’s 5PM in the evening; he’d rather have a chilled beer. and FYI blind person has a name, if you don’t know it then ask please; read the disclaimer the part where it says FYI
  3. Grab the blind person OR his/her cane; people it’s called a white cane and for those who are trying to be politically correct keep that in mind please and don’t go about calling it a stick or you will have one up your behind! What this means is don’t take the blind person by surprise by grabbing him/her or their cane which is their assistive tool that helps them travel independantly. Instead ask; would you like some help? It would be even better if you first introduced yourself before asking, this way the blind person can reply with your name and maybe you two could be friends for life!
  4. Ask stupid questions like; who was the first man to land on the moon? Instead ask more intelegent questions like how do you take a bath/ brush your teeth/ walk/ poo etc.
  5. My favorite one tell them that they don’t look blind. Listen; thank you for the compliment but I am not really sure how a blind person is to look like; so give it a rest will you? I can prove it to you if required; get your motorcycle out!

I did save the best one for the last; but I also tried to keep this post short. So if you have any questions or want to know anything in specific on what to or not to do when around a blind person; leave me a comment, I promise I will reply.

P.S. for the PC police I know it’s to be said as person with blindness and not blind person. Person comes first 

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